☃️I’m a minimalist for years. Why I’m freaking love it!

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Pierre-Henry Soria™

Since I moved to Adelaide (yes, in my opinion, I live in one of the best places in the world!!!), I decided to be as minimalist as possible. I decided to have the strict minimum. Nothing more! 😊 The shops are the storage places for me. Not my cupboards.
I only buy or borrow if I really need it and don’t have other alternatives. I don’t buy if I don’t see the need.

For instance; I have only one plate. That way, I’m forced to wash my plate directly after I ate, otherwise I won’t be able to eat the next time. When we have plenty of plates, we tend when we are a bit overwhelmed to leave it in the sink and reuse another clean plate.
If I eat with my girlfriend, we eat both on the same plate (she is also minimalist). When I invite friends over, I just ask my girlfriend to grab more plates from her apartment (she lives 7min from my apartment, so that’s quite easy 😀).

I have only one single fork 🍴, one knife, and one spoon for the same reason. And then, I have my chopsticks 🥢! Eating with chopsticks is amazing because they take absolutely no space and they are sooo easy to clean. For example, when I’m away, I bring them in my backpack (in case I buy a salad or takeaway meal where I don’t get cutlery). The chopsticks fit anywhere and can be clean with just a treasure before I put them back in my bag.

As you would guess, the same occurs with my other kitchen equipment.
My only pot is my rice cooker (sounds hilarious, right?). I don't have any other pots (on purpose of course).

Hot Chocolate in rice cooker

Hot Chocolate in rice cooker

Hehe, of course, I also cook hot chocolate with my rice cooker 😋 There is no limit 💪

Then, I have one pan for everything else I really need for cooking.

I have also just one “big” knife where I cut the bread, cut vegetables smash onions, peppers (instead of using a mortar and pestle), etc. with it.

Just buy what you really need 👌

Pretty much, all my belongings fit in this backpack 👇

I’m also a paperless person 📑 For my notes, I use the digital notepad Remarkable (but you can use a tablet or just your phone too). I threw away all my pens/pencils, so I’m not tempted to re-use paper again. If I do so, I know I will lose my notes sooner or later and it will be much harder for me to find them back. Writing all your note on the cloud has the wonderful advantage to be synced with all your devices (even if your device got lost) and your note can be searchable very quickly with just a few keywords and tags.

I also prioritize quality rather than quantity. I just buy one thing. But the best of the best. The quality. Nothing else 👌

If I end up having two pairs of scissors. I will only keep the best and favorite one and get rid of the other one. And I do the same for everything else. I only keep the best of the best. I never keep two things that offer similar usage.

My bedroom represents the same. I don’t own a bed. I just use a kinda mattress (well, a kinda futon if you’d prefer 😉), and a simple (but great) desk.

My minimalist bedroom 😴

The Minimalism Meal 😋

Just buy the food you really need. Remember, the grocery stores are like your storage room. Never buy thinks “just in case”. Nowadays, we have the luxery to life in a world where we can get almost everything we need on the same day, thanks to shops and online e-commerce platforms. So, why to accumulate things in your own living environment “just in case you might need it today or tomorrow”. If for some reason you will need it, then, just get it delivered at your door or go to the nearby supermarket.

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