13 Classic Spanish Children's Songs Your Babies and Toddlers Will Actually Want to Learn

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I was born and raised between constant hugs and kisses, some scolding, and many songs. Some of my first and most beloved memories, those that have marked me most, are musical and projected in the voices of my mother or my abuelitas. As an immigrant, I have raised my son in the same way, albeit more consciously. I want him to love, appreciate, and preserve his family's cultural heritage, the flavors, aromas, language, and, of course, songs. That is tradition and culture, but above all, it is love and belonging.

After an intense memory exercise, I came up with 13 Spanish-language songs to sing to (or sing along with) babies and toddlers. Most of them are classics from my childhood; others are new ones I've learned for my son. Some are bilingual, and most of them are somewhat instructional.

Let's celebrate our heritage cantando.

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