29 Things That You Haven't Thought About In 10 Years, And Possibly Even Longer

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Prepare for a nostalgia wave!

1. The giant power adapters that came with iPods and weighed like 5 pounds:

Getty Images / Apple

2. MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch, which was just bonkers:

MTV / Courtesy Everett Collection

3. DVDs that came in cardboard boxes:

5. Riverdance, which moms LOVED:

6. The old '90s cable boxes with the bright red lights:

7. Mini photo books that had cartoon characters on them and were marketed to kids:

9. Taco Bell restaurants with this design:

10. And Taco Bell hot sauces that came in packages with this design (which also matched the interiors):

11. Those "I'm the boss" duck T-shirts that they would sell at souvenir shops:

12. Disney Dollars, which you could spend at Disney parks and stores:

14. Wrigley's gums that came in these packagings:

15. The annoying Six Flags "old man":

16. Headphones that came with foam ear cushions:

17. McDonald's bright yellow beverage coolers that were always filled with orange drink:

19. Crossing Over With John Edward, which was always creepy to watch:

20. The knockoff Goosebumps book series Deadtime Stories:

21. Tae Bo workout videos:

22. The big in-store signings that celebs would do at Virgin Megastores:

Steve Grayson / WireImage

23. Sears' Wish Books and circling the toys you wanted in them:

24. Getting photo CDs made of the film you were getting developed:

Picture Alliance / Picture Alliance via Getty Images

25. Those Girls Gone Wild commercials that played at midnight (usually on MTV, E!, and Comedy Central):

26. Disney Read-Along books that came wrapped in a plastic so hard that you basically needed a chainsaw to open them:

27. Blockbuster Video membership cards that were laminated and looked almost like school IDs:

28. Apple Paperbacks book covers, which always had very realistic-looking drawn artwork:

29. And lastly, the cover of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" by All Star Tribute (which featured EVERY A-list artist of the early 2000s):

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