Answer These Questions About Elementary School To See Which Lunchbox Juice Fits Your Personality

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High fructose corn syrup...yummm.

  1. Image: Via Grace Cary/Getty Images Cereal

    Image: Via Juanmonino/Getty Images Granola Bar

    Image: Via Kseniya Ovchinnikova/Getty Images Eggs

    Image: Via Henry Nowick/EyeEm/Getty Images Toast

    Image: Via bhofack2/Getty Images Pop-Tart

  2. Image: Via Sue Barr/Getty Images Walked

    Image: Via Thomas Barwick/Getty Images Went in the school bus

    Image: Via Moore Media/Getty Images Got dropped off by a parent in the car

    Image: Via Jordan Siemens/Getty Images Biked

    Image: Via SrdjanPav/Getty Images Used public transportation

    Image: Via andresr/Getty Images Carpooled with a friend

  3. Image: Via Gary John Norman/Getty Images Language Arts

    Image: Via JW LTD/Getty Images Math

    Image: Via FatCamera/Getty Images History

    Image: Via JGI/Tom Grill/Getty Images Science

    Image: Via SDI Productions/Getty Images P.E.

    Image: Via Ariel Skelley/Getty Images Computers

  4. Image: Via Steven Robinson Pictures/Getty Images On the monkey bars

    Image: Via Nick David/Getty Images On the swings

    Image: Via Elisabeth Hazlegrove (MG)/YouTube Playing wall ball

    Image: Via Maskot/Getty Images Cleaning up the classroom with the teacher

    Image: Via Steve Satushek/Getty Images Gossiping with your friends

    Image: Via kate_sept2004/Getty Images Playing basketball

  5. Yellow card
    (Warned for misbehavior)

    Orange card (Second warning)

    It was different every day.

    We didn't use behavior cards.

  6. Image: Via John Slater/Getty Images Cars and trucks

    Image: Via Yellow Dog Productions/Getty Images Horses

    Image: Via Inti St Clair/Getty Images Sports

    Image: Via HMVart/Getty Images Glitter and glam

    Image: Via Spongebob/Getty Images Spongebob

    Image: Via JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images Snacks

  7. Image: Via Utkarsh Sharma/Getty Images Cherry

    Image: Via Juanmonino/Getty Images Orange

    Image: Via rickszczechowski/Getty Images Grape

    Image: Via Brian Hagiwara/Getty Images Lime

    Image: Via Emily Brown/EyeEm/Getty Images Blue Raspberry

    Image: Via HUIZENG HU/Getty Images Watermelon

  8. Image: Via Sally Anscombe/Getty Images It was a plain solid color

    Image: Via Thanapol Mongta/EyeEm/Getty Images It had a colorful pattern

    Image: Via Mirjana Ristic/Getty Images It was on wheels

    Image: Via Nickelodeon/YouTube It had your fav TV show character on it

    Image: Via Pottery Barn Kids/YouTube It was customized with your name

    Image: Via Irina Shpiller/Getty Images A tote bag

  9. Image: Via Yellow Dog Productions/Getty Images Whatever they had at the cafeteria

    Image: Via cislander/Getty Images A PB&J sandwich

    Image: Via Image Studios/Getty Images Leftovers from the night before

    Image: Via Juanmonino/Getty Images Lunchables

    Image: Via Juanmonino/Getty Images A ham sandwich

    Image: Via NurPhoto/Contributor/Getty Images Fast food that my mom dropped off

  10. Image: Via pivot/YouTube Capture the flag

    Image: Via K.C. Alfred/Getty Images Running the mile

    Image: Via Steven Errico/Getty Images Dodgeball

    Image: Via Cory Schwartz/YouTube 4 Square

    Image: Via Jodie Griggs/Getty Images Completing the obstacle course

    Image: Via Image Source/Getty Images Jump roping

  11. Image: Via Prasatporn Nilkumhaeng/EyeEm/ Getty Images Build your own ice cream sundae

    Image: Via junce/Getty Images Pizza and a movie

    Image: Via Westend61/Getty Images Cupcakes for someone’s birthday

    Image: Via PeopleImages/Getty Images Pajama party

    Image: Via bhofack2/Getty Images Root beer floats

    Image: Via Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty Images Holiday party

  12. Image: Via SolStock/Getty Images Learning a lesson

    Image: Via adamkaz/Getty Images Rehearsing for your class play

    Image: Via SDI Productions/Getty Images Working on an art project

    Image: Via Compassionate Eye Foundation/Robert Kent/Getty Images Silent reading time

    Image: Via Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images Going to the library to check out new books

    Image: Via John Howard/Getty Images Writing in your journal

  13. Image: Via Penguin Random House Junie B. Jones

    Image: Via Penguin Random House Magic Tree House

    Image: Via Amulet Books Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    Image: Via Harper Collins A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Image: Via Getty Images Harry Potter

    Image: Via Penguin Random House Percy Jackson

  14. Image: Via CareyHope/Getty Images Class clown

    Image: Via Narisara Nami/Getty Images Shy, kind, & smart

    Image: Via Courtney Hale/Getty Images Loud and popular

    Image: Via Tempura/Getty Images Really serious about soccer

    Image: Via Helen Alderton/Getty Images Really into reptiles

    Image: Via IPGGutenbergUKLtd/Getty Images Teacher's pet

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