Experts warn U.S. needs to "work harder" to reach unvaccinated people and avoid another COVID-19 surge
Senate set to take up sweeping voting rights bill. But it's unlikely to advance
Supreme Court rules NCAA violated antitrust laws in case involving athlete compensation
A-list celebrities helping launch film and TV school in Los Angeles
"CBS Evening News" headlines for Monday, June 21, 2021
Tornado rips through Chicago after Claudette devastates the South
#MoneyTok: How the expanded child tax credit will put more money in your bank account soon
Family celebrates legacy of service as WWII hero passes the torch
Iran's hard-line president-elect refuses to meet with Biden
States with low COVID-19 vaccine rates see cases rise as variants spread
Supreme Court paves way for college athletes to get paid
Grandson of WWII Medal of Honor recipient completes boot camp
9 children among those killed multivehicle crash in Alabama
NTSB investigating Alabama crash that killed 10
Democrats press forward with election reform vote despite GOP opposition
Concerns grow as COVID vaccination rates drop
Biden narrows focus on foreign policy
Steve Bullock raises over $2 million for White House campaign
Bloomberg drops vendor that used prison labor for his campaign
A shaken mosque welcomes Beto O'Rourke in New Hampshire
Beto O'Rourke unveils plan to stem opioid abuse
Bloomberg says his life would be different "if I had been black"
Ex-NFL player Dhani Jones endorses Mike Bloomberg for president
Bloomberg gives $2 million to grassroots organization Swing Left
Biden challenged to pick a black woman as running mate
Progressive candidates for prosecutor tackle "defunding the police"
Controversy surrounds Kamala Harris' first Vogue cover
Lanhee Chen on GOP's future, critical race theory and his potential California run
Site of Harriet Tubman monument in Newark is "poetic," mayor says
George Clooney, Kerry Washington launch new Los Angeles film school
Unusual alliance emerges in final weekend before NYC mayoral primary
Author Daniel Pink sees "enduring form of hybrid work" emerging from pandemic