Mariah Carey Hit A Super High Note While Getting Vaccinated And I'm Obsessed

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If you’ve ever read one of my posts or seen my Twitter or met me — you know that I am a die-hard, unbreakable Mariah Carey fan.


So, let me just say, when Mariah posted this video of her getting vaccinated this weekend, I was elated, relieved, and OBSESSED.

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First, Mariah said she was a little nervous before getting her COVID-19 vaccine — which is totally normal, even for the Queen:

Then, the doctor administered the vaccine, which Mariah said is her first of two. We love a Moderna or Pfizer legend.

THEN...mid-vaccination, she hit a soaring whistle note!!!!

When will your fave hit a sixth octave high note while getting vaccinated?????????

Columbia Records

NEVER is the answer!

Funny Or Die

People, like me, were completely here for this Vaccination of Mimi moment:

Ugh, thank you, Mariah, for simultaneously providing encouragement for people to get vaccinated and serving vocals. <3


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