About Us

Bluzz.org is the most complete online newsreader and the same time an ultimate digital magazine that relies on readers interests to curate the day's biggest headlines.At Bluzz.org we do not develop any kind of stories or articles.Bluzz.org receives public rss feeds from the world's most popular news sites,online magazines,trusted websites and displays them with a link in the end of each article which redirect visitors to the original source.This means that Bluzz.org receives thousands of articles daily from more than 200 sources and display them per minute and per category.Bluzz.org do not host articles more than 24 hours.

Additionally Bluzz readers can explore what the world is searching with just a few clicks.They can just enter a search term or a topic and search the web through the world's most popular search engines,social media websites,video portals,ecommerce platforms,best deal websites,jobs websites and more.

Bluzz hosts 9 custom search engines powered by Google,So the visitors can search the web for any topic through billions of results.

Also visitors can search world's most popular video platforms,news websites, movie portals,price comparison websites,social networks,job websites,travel websites, coupons websites at once ..

Bluzz also export stories and articles automatically via rss feeds and sitemaps to :

1. Google

2. Bing

3. Yandex

4. Pinterest

... and more news readers and websites like Pocket,Medium,Digg and more.

Cooparations & Revenue Sources 

Bluzz.org is a proud member of :

1. Google Adsense 

2. Amazon Associates Central

3. Viglink 

4. Skimlinks

5. Ebay Partner Network

6. Shareasale 

7. Infolinks

8. PRNews.io which helping us to promote and sell our PR services 

Our premium package sends your news to PR Newswire, the Associated Press and our own list of subscribing journalists.

Word Count Limit

This package contains a word count limit of 375 words


Your news is sent to PR Newswire's 4500+ websites, databases and online services, including Yahoo Finance, CNN Money, MarketWatch and Newsday. Some of these destinations display members' full-text news, while others receive releases to consider for use in preparing stories for publication on their site.

Your news is sent to the Associated Press (includes USA Today, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and AP Newsroom for 30,000+ journalists access)

Send to our database of 3000+ US newspapers and 1500+ magazines

News release can appear on search engines Google, Bing & Yahoo

Your news is made available to journalists and bloggers through our Media Desk

Your news appears through RSS and News Widget feeds

Attach up to 5 images or documents

Where Does Your Press Release News Go?

Your press release is made available to be crawled by search engines, our Media Desk, journalists, websites, print media, television, radio, affiliates & bloggers.

Distribution of your press release is paramount to us when you send a press release through a service like Bluzz Mass Media.

For any press release distribution company, having key distribution partners to help disseminate your news certainly helps. 

For example, when you select our Mass Media Visibility press distribution package, because of our long term relationship with PR Newswire, your press release also goes to their 4,500+ websites, databases and online services. This includes major distribution points including Yahoo Finance, MSNBC, the Biz Journals and Market Watch.

Why Choose US ?

What You Should Look for in a Press Distribution Service?

The PR company we cooparate with has been a leader in press release distribution for small to medium size businesses since 2004.

Press release distribution services like Bluzz Mass Media have progressed over the years and evolved quite substantially. This also holds true when thinking about why businesses turn to a press release service for helping with their marketing strategies.

So What Should I look for in a press release service?

“I’m trying to find the best press release distribution service” is a phrase we hear frequently. There are many considerations to think about when deciding which service to use, however a couple that top the list include: How long has the company been in business? What type of news distribution channels do they have and who are some of their clients that have used their services?

To answer these, our company has been in business for nearly 15 years, with news distribution channels that include over 30,000 members of the Associated Press and PR Newswire. A few more prominent companies we post news for include major hotels (Holiday Inn, Hampton & Fairfield Inn & Suites), Church’s Chicken, Fishbowl, and NASA to name a few.

We Increase Your Visibility to the Media and Online

Our Media Desk for Journalists includes thousands of journalists from all walks of life that are interested in your news. Your news is also made available to major search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. Our online distribution partners help increase your visibility as they publish your story for their viewers to read.

We Create Publicity and Buzz for You

Generating publicity with Bluzz is easy. Bluzz not only sends your news to journalists, bloggers, and consumers however we also provide website owners with fresh original content that they use to keep their website fresh with industry news.

What we need to start

1. Your news or company's presentation (up to 375 words)

2. Your name or company's name

3. Your official website

4. Contact details (email,social media,phone number)

5. Business address

6. Up to 5 images

What you will receive

You will receive 2 reports with a combined total of placement locations including statistis of your campaign.

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Content responsibility

Bluzz.org does not compile, adopt and has no control over the content of the publications which it presents and categorizes automatically through algorithms and the full content of which it refers through relevant links. Also Bluzz.org does not adopt and has not control and responsibility for the content of search engines provided by Google LLC.