Pete Davidson and Jimmy Fallon Decided to Chat About Alec Baldwin’s Weight Loss

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What does “boys will be boys” mean? It never made much sense. You can’t define a word with the word, one might yell and yell, but impotently. It’s not like we use the saying for anything else. Hammers will be hammers. Mice are mice. Nightmares were nightmares. But one might as well be yelling into the abyss for all the good it’ll do you. Boys will be boys, they keep on saying. 

So, well, I came across a little news item, and frankly? It put me at ease. Here were some boys, three to be exact, and I’m pretty sure they were being like boys. Pete Davidson went on Jimmy Fallon this week and they started their little chat off with a story about Alec Baldwin losing weight. Yes, two boys gossiping about the weight of another boy on national television. They can’t help it! They’re boys, and they’ll be boys. 

Here's a brief summary: Davidson said that Baldwin, who played Donald Trump during the dog days of the 2010s, was impressed by Davidson’s physique when he took his shirt off and asked basically, “How do you do it?” Davidson didn’t want to say something like “be a young boy, not an older boy, and have a functioning metabolism” so he advised Baldwin do 100 push-ups a day instead. Now, that’s way too many push-ups for one day, maybe, but boys have been boys before, and they’re going to be boys now! Baldwin said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “Sounds good, roger that,” and started doing those push-ups. He lost “like 100 pounds” Davidson said to Fallon. 

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