Scott Rudin Accused of Tyrannical and Abusive Behavior by Former Employees

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Allegations of workplace abuse and misconduct are once again swirling around mega-producer Scott Rudin. For its April 7 cover story, The Hollywood Reporter interviewed a handful of former Rudin assistants and employees, delving deep into myriad allegations of misconduct and abuse they faced while working at his behest. Former Rudin assistant turned Queen & Slim producer Andrew Coles, for instance, recalls an incident in which Rudin allegedly broke an Apple computer monitor on an assistant’s hand, sending them to the emergency room.

“We knew a lot could happen,” Coles told THR. “There were the guys that were sleeping in the office, the guys whose hair was falling out and were developing ulcers. It was a very intense environment, but that just felt different. It was a new level of unhinged—a level of lack of control that I had never seen before in a workplace.” 

Rumors regarding Rudin’s allegedly tyrannical and abusive behavior are not new. The EGOT-winning producer, whose films have amassed a shocking 151 Oscar nominations and 23 wins, as well as 17 individual Tony Awards, has long been the subject of horror stories regarding allegedly toxic and abusive workplace behavior. In 2014, Page Six ran an article about Rudin, with the title “The Man Known as Hollywood’s Biggest A-hole,” which alleged that Rudin had pushed assistants out of moving cars and fired assistants for bringing him the wrong muffin, mispronouncing names, and, at least in one instance, having to attend a funeral. An earlier indictment of Rudin’s alleged behavior appeared in the 2011 Atlantic article “The Four Types of Scott Rudin Temper Tantrums,” which claimed that Rudin had run through 119 assistants in five years and had a penchant for throwing inanimate objects when he was upset—which was allegedly often.

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