The Story of Type X-95

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Amir Poorfakhraei

When commander A1 created humans, he gave each one of them a specific type of brain. What he gave me, is the Type X-95.

Having a X-95 type of brain, is something no human being except I can experience. It is a wonderful but mysterious journey.

X-95 is a sophisticated machine. A machine that creates my amazing reality and gives me a powerful imagination. What is so special about my reality, is that I need a coping mechanism to survive it; otherwise it becomes painful, so painful that the only word which can describe it is Hell.

The coping mechanism that helped me survive since I was 8 years old, is writing fictions. I am planning to continue writing. And if commander A1 keeps me alive, I will share my stories with other humans of the Planet Earth, right on this platform.

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